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Heya, our friends at Ink Tank Merch have posted a TGL web store with a bunch of different shirt designs from over the years, and a few other odds and ends. Pick up a classic “Saloon” shirt, a “Balloon” hoodie, or that Lovers Need Lawyers 10″ that was out of print until Saddle Creek found a box stashed away in the warehouse!

Check check check it out:

The Good Life online store

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This Forever Coming Down Video Is a Thing

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Are You Afraid of Dying?

Hey ya – here’s another song from the Everybody’s Coming Down session. It tends to be difficult, having to choose which songs do or don’t make the album cut, so it’s nice to still get the runner ups out into the world-

Are You Afraid of Dying?

I thought you’d never ask-
I’m afraid of the pain
But I can’t comprehend death
What does it mean, simply not being?
It makes no sense;
I can’t make sense of it
To be, then not to be
The lumberyard is still a bunch of trees
My thoughts can live on
In each of these songs
But for how long – for how long?
And it’s still not even me!
A replica of, a loose proximity
And still I keep singing
I never stop singing
Yes, I fear death,
I’m so fucking scared –
I don’t want to go…

All my life I assumed I’d never die
I mean, sure, I knew I’d die –
But what’s that even mean?
No one thinks they’re really gonna die

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Head East, The Good Life!

We are heading East for a final round of shows before shutting down the machinery for a while – come out and say hi, as who knows when we may be back around again!!

We are bringing one of our best buds, Jake Bellows, out for these shows. Always poignant, always a blast.

And our friends Field Mouse will be out on some dates, playing hits off their new record!

But that’s not all, folks: Roger’s band, Oquoa, and Ryan’s band, Our Fox, will be playing a select batch of shows as well!!

Wed, Nov 09 St. Paul, MN Turf Club Jake Bellows, Oquoa, Our Fox

Thu, Nov 10 Milwaukee, WI Cactus Club Jake Bellows, Our Fox, Oquoa

Fri, Nov 11 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen Jake Bellows, Oquoa, Our Fox

Sat, Nov 12 Cleveland, OH Grog Shop Jake Bellows, Our Fox, Oquoa

Sun, Nov 13 Ferndale, MI The Loving Touch Jake Bellows, Oquoa

Mon, Nov 14 Buffalo, NY Mohawk Field Mouse, Jake Bellows

Wed, Nov 16 Boston, MA Great Scott Jake Bellows

Thu, Nov 17 Brooklyn, NY The Bell House Jake Bellows

Fri, Nov 18 Philadelphia, PA Boot & Saddle Jake Bellows

Sat, Nov 19 Washington, DC Songbyrd Jake Bellows

Sun, Nov 20 Richmond, VA Strange Matter Field Mouse, Jake Bellows

Mon, Nov 21 Carrboro, NC Cat’s Cradle Jake Bellows

Tue, Nov 22 Orlando, FL The Social Jake Bellows

Wed, Nov 23 Atlanta, GA The Earl Jake Bellows

Fri, Nov 25 Nashville, TN The High Watt Field Mouse, Jake Bellows

Sat, Nov 26 St. Louis, MO Blueberry Hill’s
Duck Room Field Mouse, Jake Bellows

Sun, Nov 27 Lawrence, KS The Bottleneck Field Mouse, Jake Bellows

Mon, Nov 28 Omaha, Ne O’Leaver’s Jake Bellows

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The Modern Mary

Hey All,

We digitally released a new song, The Modern Mary, check it out!

The Modern Mary

My mama cried, staring at the stars

She had once felt so almighty

Now, she’s never felt so small

My mama fell flat back on the floor

She once had a loving husband,

He don’t love her anymore

My mama screamed, “This ungrateful world!”

Keeps on taking and not giving

Ever since she was a girl

My angry mama pushed everything inside

She will never let another

Steal the soil of her life

So, she tears away those pages of her diary

Those sick and sticky memories,

“Jesus… some fuckin’ Jesus.”

It’s the same with every guy she meets,

Thinkin’ they’re Jesus –

She don’t need their goddamn charity

My mama cried, staring at her hands

Thinking, ‘How could others use these

To shed the blood of man?’

My mama felt guilt-ridden remorse

When she thought of those before her

Who suffered even more

My mama laughed, “Everything’s so clear!

The woman is the wounded,

The man stabs ‘the spear’’!”

My loving mother held her children to her breast,

This world can go fuck itself,

She’ll never acquiesce

She tore away the pages of her diary –

Every silly entry

Tore away the layers of her history

’Til finally she could see clearly:

Everybody hail the Defiled Mary

The afterthought of all male martyrdom

Behind every good man

Is a messiah story

I, for one, am as guilty as they come;

After all, I’m my mama’s son

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