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Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi – Who am i writing to right now? Whomever you may be, we are in Minneapolis at the moment, and our collective heads hurt. Our apologies for getting on top of this a little late, seems we need to update you on Omaha and St. Louis and Iowa City. But what happened, really? Anything? I guess we played some songs and ate hot dogs and had the hiccups and drank a little too much whiskey and didn’t see any good movies and slept a little too long and missed our Daytrotter session because we had the hiccups and had a lame ass burrito in Springfield, MO (but Ephraim, our sound lover, claims to have had an astonishingly good sandwich, but come on, it was Jimmy John’s) and Roger had his first girfriend and got dumped already (will show pics in a minute) and we watched Capgun Coup and 4th of July and it was good. I loves you.


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  1. pooker September 28th, 2007 4:45 pm

    hey guys! i bought novena on a nocturn at the show…. its really good. i hope you enjoyed minneapolis…. sorry for the small amount of people =( anyway, you did great, on the new stuff and old! i enjoyed the mix, and every song you played was a favorite. come back sooooonnn!!!!!!! oh, and post the pictures of our teeny little crowd! even though you totally missed me in the shot!

  2. pooker September 28th, 2007 4:46 pm

    oh, and youre writing to me!

  3. perfectporridge October 2nd, 2007 10:38 am

    Fantastic show to a tiny crowd. These all-age, super early shows are killer, guys! We’ve got some photos and a modest review here:

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