The Good Life

Are You Afraid of Dying?

Hey ya – here’s another song from the Everybody’s Coming Down session. It tends to be difficult, having to choose which songs do or don’t make the album cut, so it’s nice to still get the runner ups out into the world-

Are You Afraid of Dying?

I thought you’d never ask-
I’m afraid of the pain
But I can’t comprehend death
What does it mean, simply not being?
It makes no sense;
I can’t make sense of it
To be, then not to be
The lumberyard is still a bunch of trees
My thoughts can live on
In each of these songs
But for how long – for how long?
And it’s still not even me!
A replica of, a loose proximity
And still I keep singing
I never stop singing
Yes, I fear death,
I’m so fucking scared –
I don’t want to go…

All my life I assumed I’d never die
I mean, sure, I knew I’d die –
But what’s that even mean?
No one thinks they’re really gonna die

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