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The Modern Mary

Hey All,

We digitally released a new song, The Modern Mary, check it out!

The Modern Mary

My mama cried, staring at the stars

She had once felt so almighty

Now, she’s never felt so small

My mama fell flat back on the floor

She once had a loving husband,

He don’t love her anymore

My mama screamed, “This ungrateful world!”

Keeps on taking and not giving

Ever since she was a girl

My angry mama pushed everything inside

She will never let another

Steal the soil of her life

So, she tears away those pages of her diary

Those sick and sticky memories,

“Jesus… some fuckin’ Jesus.”

It’s the same with every guy she meets,

Thinkin’ they’re Jesus –

She don’t need their goddamn charity

My mama cried, staring at her hands

Thinking, ‘How could others use these

To shed the blood of man?’

My mama felt guilt-ridden remorse

When she thought of those before her

Who suffered even more

My mama laughed, “Everything’s so clear!

The woman is the wounded,

The man stabs ‘the spear’’!”

My loving mother held her children to her breast,

This world can go fuck itself,

She’ll never acquiesce

She tore away the pages of her diary –

Every silly entry

Tore away the layers of her history

’Til finally she could see clearly:

Everybody hail the Defiled Mary

The afterthought of all male martyrdom

Behind every good man

Is a messiah story

I, for one, am as guilty as they come;

After all, I’m my mama’s son

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Spring Tour 2016 W/ Speedy Ortiz

We’re going on tour with Speedy Ortiz in May and June! First, though, a couple midwest dates with our old pal Tim Kinsella and a stop at the Middle of the Map festival in Kansas City! Also playing in Seattle May 29 with La Sera!


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European tour 2016

Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, UK, Netherlands, we’re coming your way with our best friends in the world, Big Harp.


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Everybody’s Coming Down

Everybody's Coming Down

Our new album, Everybody’s Coming Down, will be out August 14th and is now available to pre-order on Limited Edition colored LP (sold out), LP, CD, and digital! Also available at iTunes. Check out the track, Everybody, at Pitchfork.

Everybody's Coming Down LP

Following an August 15th performance at the Maha Music Festival in Omaha, NE, We will embark on a tour beginning on August 18th. See all dates here.

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Reissues, demos, and a first issue



We’re putting a couple albums back in print on LP for the first time in years and releasing another on vinyl for the first time. Plus, there are a couple bonus LPs of demos that have never before been on vinyl. Exciting times, right?

Novena on a Nocturn is available for the first time ever on vinyl, Black Out is back in print for the first time in over a decade, and Album of the Year has been expanded to 2xLP in gatefold packaging.

Also available are the previously unreleased Novena on a Nocturn demos and the never before released on vinyl Album of the Year demos, both Saddle Creek Online Store exclusives.

Head over to the Saddle Creek Online Store for more information and to pre-order now. Pre-orders will ship out on March 24th and LPs will otherwise be available in stores on April 7.

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