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Some pictures from Ch Hill, NC Oct 2007

I love these guys.

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hey guys, i just wanted to say you are amazing! the wonderful symbols for facebook” title=”music symbols for facebook”>music you folks churn out, as well as just about everything from saddle creek, gets me through my days and keeps me company when i need it. =) ¬†anyway, i live in florida, and was bummed when i heard you guys weren’t coming for this tour. me and a friend of mine thought about skipping class and driving up to the georgia show, but it didn’t work out. we were happy when tim and cursive came to house of blues in orlando a while back; it was a great show! here’s to hoping for a florida show in the future! thanks again for being an amazing band and an amazing group of people.

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Come to UTAH

Hey Come to Utah Please!!!!!!

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Cancelled … :(

Please come back to Reno soon. This was one of the best shows we’ve (almost) gotten all year.

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Please Follow Cursive To Santa Barbara

Dear Good Life,

On Nov. 9 Cursive is playing at my school, UC Santa Barbara, and I could think of no greater pleasure then seeing both of Tim Kasher’s peerless, unbelievably talented bands in the same night. I live next to the venue and you could drink all my booze and eat all my food, hell, I’ll name my unborn children after you guys if it makes a difference. Seriously…I’ll do it. Please consider.

And thanks for everything,


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Thank you.

Dear Good Life,
Thank you so much for coming to San Diego. I was so happy when I found out that your show wasn’t cancelled (I know your in-store at Lou’s is cancelled though). It’s been a stressful, anxiety-inducing week, and you provided a wonderful escape.

Also, Tim: Thank you for asking my “greatest ambition” question. Your answer was just what I had hoped for.

xo. Melissa

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Indie Rock Reviews and Saddle Creek The Good Life Contest

There is a contest to win an autographed copy of the new Good Life album “Help Wanted Nights”, tour poster and buttons at All you have to do is answer a super simple question. The signatures on all album and poster are all in different colors and is super limited.

Thanks for loving symbols for facebook” title=”music symbols for facebook”>music,


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Goin’ to buy you a drink.

Dear Good Life,

In Phoenix tonight.

Hope you like whiskey.

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hurry up!!

I love you guys. I finally get to see you play in San Francisco (which is a good 3 and a 1/2 hour drive for me….) and the stupid date just wont hurry up and get here!!! It makes my heart palpitate just thinking of it….. Can I take your picture and carry it around in my handbag? Like, me with my arm around Tim….. and I can say “look, I met the Good Life!” and everyone I know (and some I don’t) will be jealous? And then maybe we can drink whiskey and make out?

That’s kinda stalker like. Sorry about that. Sigh……

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That last pic is Rog’s girlfriend for the length of one whole meal. I’m sorry – imaginary girlfriend. I am not understanding the innards of this interent and website very well. So, here is us at that meal, for the sake of continuity.


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