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Reissues, demos, and a first issue



We’re putting a couple albums back in print on LP for the first time in years and releasing another on vinyl for the first time. Plus, there are a couple bonus LPs of demos that have never before been on vinyl. Exciting times, right?

Novena on a Nocturn is available for the first time ever on vinyl, Black Out is back in print for the first time in over a decade, and Album of the Year has been expanded to 2xLP in gatefold packaging.

Also available are the previously unreleased Novena on a Nocturn demos and the never before released on vinyl Album of the Year demos, both Saddle Creek Online Store exclusives.

Head over to the Saddle Creek Online Store for more information and to pre-order now. Pre-orders will ship out on March 24th and LPs will otherwise be available in stores on April 7.

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Winter tour 2014

Hello Inter-world!

We are playing more shows, this time in one of our most favorite frigid locales, the Midwest!

December 27 – Omaha, NE – The Waiting Room Lounge (ticket link)
December 28 – Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon (ticket link)
December 30 – Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock Social Club (ticket link)
December 31 – Chicago, IL – The Abbey Pub (ticket link)

All shows with Big Harp. Come out and join us before we disappear into the studio!

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Tour dates

We’re going on tour!

Wed-Aug-06 San Francisco, CA The Chapel
Thu-Aug-07 Los Angeles, CA The Echo
Fri-Aug-08 Santa Ana, CA Observatory
Sat-Aug-09 San Diego, CA The Casbah

with Big Harp and You Are Plural

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Show announcement

Hi folks,

We’re having another slow news year, so just this one item from TGL HQ: we’re playing Sunday, May 1 at Slowdown.

It’s a benefit for Omaha Girls Rock! which is a rad rock camp for girls ages 8-18. It launches this July in Omaha and is spearheaded by TGL’s smooth jazzin’ Stefanie Drootin-Senseney.

All right then, see you there.



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Vinyl back in stock!

The powers that be have recovered some of our records that were hidden in a warehouse in Europe. UK versions of Album of the Year LP and Lovers Need Lawyers 10″ are back in stock and up on the Saddle Creek store now. And there are just a few Heartbroke 7″s left.

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June 2010 tour


We’re going to play six shows in June. Stef’s having another baby so that’ll probably be it for a while. Come out and say hey!

Friday, June 4 in Chicago at Subterranean with Brighton, MA and Quieting Syrup. Tickets here.

Saturday, June 5 in Chicago at the Do Division Street Festival with a bunch of bands.

Monday, June 7 in San Diego at The Casbah with The Parson Red Heads. Tickets here.

Tuesday, June 8 in Pomona at The Glass House with The Parson Red Heads. Tickets here.

Wednesday, June 9 in Los Angeles at The Troubadour with The Parson Red Heads. Tickets here.

Thursday, June 10 in San Francisco at The Bottom of the Hill with The Parson Red Heads and The Contrail. Tickets here.


December 2009 tour dates

No kidding, we’re going to play a few shows this month. Our only live dates in 2009 are:

12/27 in Omaha at Slowdown (tickets)

12/28 in Minneapolis at Triple Rock (tickets)

12/29 in Chicago at Subterranean (tickets)

12/30 in Sioux Falls at Nutty’s (tickets)

See you there?!


No news is… mostly no news / AOTY 2CD in stock

Hey friends,

There’s not a whole lot of Good Life news to report. But hello anyway!

The Saddle Creek dudes found some copies of the Album of the Year 2CD version which includes a CD of Tim’s solo demos for the album, recorded in Roger’s basement. It had been out of print (or perhaps “out of print”) for a few years but a couple boxes semi-mysteriously arrived at the SC warehouse a few weeks ago. (For sale here if you’re interested.)

We’re all keeping busy working on other bands (and Cursive is on tour now), so there hasn’t been much activity at TGL HQ. However, we are working on a couple new songs which will hopefully see the light of day before the end of the year. How’s that for slow-moving excitement?

As always, thanks very much for your interest in and support of The Good Life.


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Continental divide or bust

Today we drove and drove and drove. We loaded all our hefty heavy gear in the van this morning and left Omaha around noon. We flicked on the radio somewhere west of Lincoln and listened to the Huskers get destroyed by Texas A&M as we drove across the plains. In Kearney, we stopped at Runza, the least crappy fast food chain in Nebraska.

We entered the desert of eastern Colorado and saw the sun begin to set through a model teepee on the land at the visitors center. We stopped for gas outside of Julesberg. The cashier was trying to give away one of her four dogs. One of the other four was dying of rectal cancer.

We saw two or three UFOs above the horizon, no joke. They’d shine and disappear as we continued toward Denver. They never attacked, but they were real.

In the city, a sign above the highway informed us of winter weather. And it was true. West of Denver, we were trying to outrun the storm. The van was a pontoon boat moving slowly backward in the dark of a still lake. The lines of the road and the blowing snow created a swirling mirage, a mesmerizing illusion of stillness. Cars passed us and we rode the brakes, pulsing them as we looked at the runaway truck ramp out of the corners of our eyes.

We debated: should we continue into the storm in an attempt to outrun it; or should we stop in Frisco at our already-reserved hotel room? We chose the latter.

We checked in and rode a free bus to a snowboarder frat bar in Frisco. A girl in a green t-shirt danced like an ostrich and smelled like a leftover burrito. We danced and laughed and played darts badly. We rode the free bus back and Double D at the hotel bar gave us way too many free drinks. We learned that “cherry pow pow gnar gnar” means really pretty good snow, sort of.

We watched television and saw the professional carpet cleaner’s haircut. We talked on the phone when we shouldn’t have. We looked up the weather report online and decided to sleep in.


Double Crap!

Man, I am having a really tough time with this website thing. So I posted that the LAST post had the wrong pic attached, but then posted THAT post into the tour diary thingy – F it. I’m gonna ask someone to take the tour diary part off. Or at least change the name to the “The Good Life Daily”. Or, at our pace, perhaps “The Good Life Weekly”. Here are the pics – FOR CONTINUITY’S SAKE!! – of us at the same dinner, crashing Rog’s date with his imaginary girlfriend who dumped him cuz her shift was over.


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